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Arthur... your phone has been ringing almost non-stop today.

Some minister called to pester you about some paperwork for the Olympics next year, so I told him what you said to say. He was bewildered, but bid me a good day all the same and hung up. One of your brothers, Connor, he said his name was, asked if he could come by and get some brandy, and laughed when I sounded shocked and told him to get his own. Your brother, Douglas the brick-thrower did come by, though not with bricks. No manners whatsoever! He just kicked down the door as if it were made of cardboard! I gave him such a telling off, but he only laughed at me and wondered where your... well-- it's inappropriate to repeat-- came from. So, I told him what happened and he fell over laughing before walking out. Though he did put something in the fridge, but if it was meant for you, I dare not touch it.

Your sister was surprised and asked if I-- you-- were ill or drunk when I held a perfectly civil conversation with her. When I mentioned the community that she understood. She really is quite nice, and she wanted to remind you about the next family meeting. Who else.... Ah, Llewellyn called too... said something about staying over while visiting the Prime Minister. I told him about what happened with the community too and that I'd ask you first, see if it was fine.

Oh, and you had a second visitor, an accidental one. I had quite forgotten I couldn't do magic as I'm used to and tried a spell when a ring of light appeared on the ground and a man rose from it. He seemed simply speechless when I apologized for summoning him and asked if he wanted a cup of tea before leaving. Poor fellow muttered something in a foreign language before vanishing before my eyes.

Also, I should ask what your unicorn eats as he or she has been walking around the kitchen for the past hour.

RL with The Eleventh Doctor

[A lovely evening to meet the Doctor. It always was a surprise to see when and where they'd turn up next. She loved each adventure and outing as much as the last, so she did wonder what he had in store for her this time as the TARDIS materialized.]

RL with Mori: Reunion :>

[It had been so long, but finally, Feldt knew what she had to do. After sending a message to the Doctor, he came to pick her up from where her branch of Celestial Being was hiding in space. The ever-familiar bumpy ride through time and space was enjoyable, how she missed it. Almost as much as the person she was going to see. When they landed, she slowly walked to the doors and pushed them open, offering her thanks as she stepped outside.

In front of her stood the impressive Ouran Academy. Feldt walked through the halls, ignoring the looks she got from the other students. Before she knew it, she had reached her destination. Taking a deep breath, she opened the doors to the third music room and looked around for Mori, praying with every fiber of her being that he still remembered her, despite having left the community more than a year ago.]

open log to practice with her more yay

[Sophia aka Massachusetts is just hanging out at home tonight. There's a Red Sox game starting soon, so she's got some beer and peanuts set out on the coffee table. There's enough room on the couch for anyone who wants to join her.]

A visit with Auntie Ireland! \o/

[Sophia was busy digging around the cabinets of her Boston apartment, crashing noises and swearing coming from the kitchen as she hunted for a kettle. She prayed none of her siblings had come by and borrowed it. With one last curse, she grabbed out two mugs, filled them with water and stuffed them in the microwave. Better than nothing. While waiting for her aunt's imminent arrival, Sophia began setting out some donut holes, sugar, honey, her collection of tea bags... and threw away her Dunkin' Donuts cup from that morning. There. Now to wait a minute on the tea water.]

Muse/RP Journal List [OOC]

The following list contains muses of my past and present. Some are dead, some are still kicking. Starred journals were given away to other muns for recycling purposes.

Long list under here~Collapse )


Log with Haruhi ~/o/

[Sitting on a bench at a zoo, it's a lovely day as he looks up to the sky and waits.]

dear_mun trial preview thing...


You really should have a little more faith in yourself. You've had my account made for approximately five months and 23 days, but who's counting?

...Anyway, I'm sure if you asked other role players around Livejournal, you'd find that they tend to rely on spur of the moment research when they play as much as you do.

I know all my degrees, my I.Q., and eidetic memory are rather daunting at first glance, but with your brain coupled with the internet, you shouldn't have much of a problem. Just look at how well you do with your other characters!


Spencer Reid

P.S.: Maybe listening to that Beethoven cd of yours will help if you ever feel like playing me.
[Sitting outside somewhere, is Lockon. And he's staring up at the clouds, lost in thought. Do you []talk to him []leave him alone []run away or []throw a rock at him?]
[Feldt the bunny is hopping around after being dropped off at Tamaki's. This house is huge.]